Thanks to our community for their incredible support of our inaugural Community Giving Day. With the generosity of our donor matchers, more than 630 donors and 40 volunteers, we were delighted to raise over $520k to fund our needs-based Foundation Scholarships. This amazing result far exceeded our expectations. We are extremely proud to be working in a community that supported this wonderful initiative so enthusiastically.

It was inspiring to see and hear of donors ranging from current students, parents, staff and suppliers to Grammarians aged from 16 to 90 years getting behind Giving Day. Our volunteers, including current students, staff, and past and current parents, did a wonderful job of making calls and creating fantastic momentum on the day.

We are thrilled that the funds raised will enable us to offer Foundation Scholarships to students from indigenous communities, refugee communities and Grammarian families in 2019. These students will be represented at both Wheelers Hill and Caulfield campuses in the middle and senior schools and will include boarding (Morcom House) for some of the students.

The Giving Day was a major initiative of the Foundation and we are pleased that, as a result of the Giving Day, we have now generated significant awareness of the Foundation’s important role in raising funds to support needs-based Foundation Scholarships.

Our Principal, Ashleigh Martin, looks forwarding to sharing with you how these funds will impact positively on young people. We were humbled by the overwhelming support we received from our community and look forward to building on this success and the exciting role the Foundation can play for students and the School in our shared future.

Special thanks to our Giving Day donor matchers:
Caulfield Grammar School Foundation Directors, Bainbridge Family, The Rich Hart Foundation, The Humanity Foundation, Kit Hoh Foundation, Caulfield Grammarians’ Association, John Richards, Jon Webster, Geoff Webster, Jim Hayman, Robin Coventry, Brian Jamieson, Nuline Charter and current parents - Wheelers Hill and Caulfield.